Social Media and Fashion is the New Eye Candy

2:00 pm
Room 361
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Pearls & Sequence is a strategic project coordination company that focuses on social media for start-ups and small businesses.
In this session, we will cover how bloggers now are considered to have higher market value than exclusive fashion industry professionals, and why top brands prefer to work with those influencers. Social media has changed how fashion weeks are presented, how their collections are sold and why the industry is in a bit of a chaos. This session will help industry specialists go the extra mile. We will cover in-depth on how fashion brands demonstrate substantial success with the use of social media channels. These strategies have allowed them to establish a more personal relationship with their consumers than ever before. Such brands such as Burberry, Tiffany & Co., DKNY, Michael Kors and Nike have used social media to change the way brands interact with their clients.
You will learn about the many social media tools and platforms to achieve social media success while identifying what is suitable for your fashion brand. Furthermore, you will learn that you don’t just have to be a blogger to be a person of influence in the fashion industry, you will learn all the fundamental tools. If you do decide to take the path of wanting social media success in a highly competitive industry, you will learn to become a role model in this session.

Key Take Aways

  • To be a Fashion Influence
  • Enhance your Brand Image
  • Master in Becoming Visually Creative
  • How to dominate your industry with these platforms
  • Become More Reputable and Respected in Global Fashion Industry
Intermediate Social Media &
Marketing Session

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